Backward Step for Pedestrian Safety


The Australian Automobile Association (AAA), Australia's peak motoring body, has today condemned the Australian Government for its withdrawal of the Regulation Impact Statement on Pedestrian Safety before the completion of the public consultation process.

The Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) reported that over the last decade an average of 232 pedestrians and 31 cyclists were killed each year in Australia as a result of collisions with motor vehicles. The RIS examined the case for adopting an international standard on pedestrian safety, Global Technical Regulation 9 Pedestrian Safety (GTR 9), as a new Australian Design Rule (ADR) that would require the front of new vehicles to pass a pedestrian impact test.

The public consultation period for the RIS was scheduled to close in April 2011, but the Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport, The Hon Catherine King MP, has announced that she has directed the Department to withdraw the RIS.

"The premature termination of the consultation period, specifically designed to collect and evaluate a range of views, is an unacceptable subversion of proper process," said AAA's Director Technical Services, Craig Newland.
"This was an opportunity to improve the safety of pedestrians that has been dismissed without due consultation. Any concerns or issues identified during the public consultation process should have been dealt with in a considered and transparent manner."

The AAA has road safety as one of its core policy objectives and believes it is important to fully consider initiatives to reduce trauma on Australian roads.

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