Australian Motorists' Concerns


The AAA research, conducted this year by ANOP, showed motorists continue their love affair with the car, but are very concerned about other drivers’ behaviour on the road. At the same time, motorists are concerned about petrol prices and actively look for cheaper petrol.

The latest survey results, the eighth AAA series into driver attitudes in 10 years, shows Australian motorists attach a very high importance to their car as opposed to using public transport – 9 in 10 drivers use their car every day or most days as opposed to 13% of motorists saying they use public transport on a weekly basis.

The biggest concern for motorists is petrol prices, with more than double the respondents - from 20% to 42% since 2005 – citing it as their biggest issue and calling for reduced petrol taxes or greater scrutiny of oil companies.

In addition to petrol prices, the other major and ongoing concern is the way other people drive, with 41% of motorists raising other drivers’ behaviour as their main bugbear – this is down from the 2005 result of 48%.

The survey also shows motorists have become desensitised to the high Australian road fatality rate of five deaths a day on average. The research found there appeared to be a disconnect between Government advertising campaigns focusing on speed and alcohol and the motorists’ preoccupation with other drivers’ attitudes.

There is also a strong focus on the need for better driver education and training as a way to reduce road deaths and injuries – 84% rate this as extremely or very important.

The research showed motorists are aware of the importance of roads in reducing the national fatality rate, but that concern has slipped from an upward trend (14% in 2004 to 22% in 2005) down to 18% of motorists in 2007. There is strong resistance to building more toll roads.

The research results form part of AAA’s Federal election strategy, Motoring Matters for Every Australian, which was released in Parliament House Canberra today and can be viewed on the AAA website at

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