Almost Half Post-GST Petrol Price Increases Caused by Extra Tax


The Australian Automobile Association has released the latest monthly petrol price monitoring figures, which show that since the introduction of the GST petrol prices on average have risen by 6.5 cents per litre.


In August the average increase was 4.3 cents per litre. When coupled with the July average increase of 2.3 cents motorists are now paying 6.5 cents per litre more for petrol than they were in June, before the GST introduction.


AAA Executive Director, Lauchlan McIntosh, said that almost half this increase (3 cents or 47%) had been caused by higher government taxes.


"Tax per litre pre-GST was 44.2 cents (Federal and State excise). Today it is 47.2 cents per litre (excise & GST, based on $1 per litre). These figures reflect the enormous burden being placed on motorists by higher petrol prices and re-enforce the need for the Government to freeze excise in February," Mr. McIntosh said.


"The one pleasing thing to emerge from the latest figures is that in most cases the variation between city and country prices have either fallen or stayed about the same in all States and Territories.


"This would tend to indicate that the Government's one and two cent country grants scheme is being passed on to country motorists and this is welcome," he said.


"It is also important to note there were many centres with much higher than average increases. The largest price rises in each State and Territory were Toowoomba in Queensland (6.4); Yass in New South Wales (5.6); Wangaratta in Victoria (7.2); Launceston in Tasmania (6.4); Murray Bridge in South Australia (7.2); Albany in Western Australia (5.6); and Katherine and Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory (5.1).


"The August figures also show that prices broke the $1 per litre barrier across much of Australia. In 70 of the 108 towns and cities monitored, the maximum price paid during the month was over one dollar per litre. The highest price recorded was in Broome in Western Australia where petrol reached $1.14 cents per litre," Mr. McIntosh said.

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