ACT Approach to Ridesharing a Win for Consumers


Australia's peak motoring body, the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), has welcomed the ACT Government’s decision to legalise and regulate ridesharing.

“The AAA congratulates the ACT Government for introducing these reforms, which have the potential to increase competition and provide consumers with more affordable transport options,” AAA Chief Executive Michael Bradley said.

“Australia’s motoring clubs support the development of safe and accessible transport options.  Today’s announcement will not only allow for enhanced affordability and choice, but will also provide the necessary consumer protections in terms of vehicle safety, driver suitability, and adequacy of insurance coverage,” he said.

“The ACT’s reforms also strike a balance between traditional transport providers whilst supporting the emergence of new technologies.”

“The reforms recognise the important role that traditional taxis have played, and will continue to play, in the transport market.  Operators of traditional taxis will benefit from significant reduction in taxi license fees, which should be able to be passed on to consumers,” Mr Bradley said.

“The AAA looks forward to other jurisdictions following the ACT’s lead in developing regulatory frameworks which recognise that ridesharing is likely to become a popular and further entrenched transport alternative as technology continues to evolve,” Mr Bradley said.

“At the federal level we will be closely following the Australian Government’s response to the Harper Review of Competition Policy, which recommended taxis and ridesharing as priorities for regulation review,” he said. 


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