AAA Welcomes Small Car Safety Ratings


Australia’s peak motoring organisation today challenged new car buyers to ensure they have the latest safety features when making their new car purchase.

The Australian Automobile Association - which represents Australia’s motoring clubs and 6.5 million motoring members - welcomed the latest star rating results of small cars issued today by the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

ANCAP awarded the Toyota RAV4 and Honda Civic four star ratings out of five in its latest round of crash testing. In addition, ANCAP also released a five-star rating for the new Ford Focus, based on testing by EuroNCAP.

ANCAP noted the “pleasing” four and five star results, saying they showed that small cars can score in the top safety categories in crash tests.

The good results were based on the provision of side airbags and ESC in some models of the vehicles - but not all.

AAA Executive Director, Mike Harris, welcomed the small car results and stressed they provided important information to the motoring public on what safety features are available and what models.

“People need to ensure these safety features are available when they make their new car purchase - whether they be families or major fleet car buyers it is all about safety,” Mr Harris said.

“These features are proven by ANCAP and the automotive industry to save lives, injury and trauma.

“It is good news to see the industry increasingly providing these latest technologies in their vehicles, though often not in all models. But we need to challenge consumers - both private and fleet buyers - to specify these safety packs and ensure they are on the vehicle they purchase.

“Fleet buyers, in particular, have major leverage through their purchasing power to ensure safety features on their vehicles.”

ANCAP’s small car safety ratings are on the attached table – the full list of vehicle safety ratings can be viewed on the ANCAP website at

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