AAA Welcomes New Road Safety Action Plan



The Executive Director of the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), Lauchlan McIntosh, has welcomed the release of a new road safety action plan by the Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson and the Minister for Local Government, Territories and Roads, Jim Lloyd.


“Every day 5 people are killed and more than 60 are seriously injured on Australian roads.  The ‘Safe System’ approach taken in the new plan is essential if we are to reach the target of a 40% reduction in road deaths by 2010”, Mr McIntosh said.


“This is an approach that shares responsibility to reduce the road toll by having safer drivers in safer cars on safer roads.


“The plan has many welcome features including: the proposed new driver training initiative; the maintenance of black spot funding; and further work on the use of new technology.  One very important aspect is the support for the implementation of the AAA’s new road assessment program AusRAP.


“AusRAP provides us with systematic way of measuring the risk of crashing on a road and allows us to make comparisons of safety performance”, said Mr McIntosh.


This first AusRAP report uses data supplied by the State and Territory road authorities to produce colour coded maps that rate the risk of casualty crashes on rural sections of the National Highway System.  It also identifies the best and worst sections of the National Highway in each State and Territory in terms of safety performance. In its next phase, AusRAP will highlight improvements that could be made to roads to reduce the likelihood of crashes—and to make those that do happen survivable.


Motorists will be able to use the risk maps to identify areas of the highway where they may need to take extra care. Governments will be able to use the maps to identify how well the road network is performing and in the decision-making process regarding future road investments.


“AAA believes the AusRAP reports will vastly improve our understanding of the factors that make a road safe.  AusRAP is set to become a valuable tool for decision makers and will help ensure that road safety is a part of planning for investment in Australia’s road infrastructure”, said Mr McIntosh.


“We need to continue to improve the behaviour of drivers and at the same time we need to invest in roads and vehicles that are more forgiving of human mistakes”, concluded Mr McIntosh.


A full copy of the AusRAP report is available at

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