AAA Welcomes New Ethanol Labelling Requirements


The Australian Automobile Association has welcomed today’s Cabinet decision to require labelling of ethanol blended petrol showing the percentage of ethanol present in the blend.


AAA Executive Director, Lauchlan McIntosh, said the Cabinet decision would mean motorists would be able to make an informed decision on the fuel they put in their vehicle.


“As motor vehicle manufacturers have indicated that the use of ethanol above 10 percent in fuel blends can void engine warranties, we would expect motorists will not use ethanol blends above that level,” Mr. McIntosh said.


“I note that some are arguing that there is no need to label when the blend is 10 percent or lower. Clearly motorists do need to know about any level of ethanol in petrol because of its lower energy content.


“Ethanol only has between 60 and 70 percent of the energy content of petrol, which means ethanol blends are not as fuel efficient as standard unleaded petrol. For this reason you would also expect ethanol blends to be cheaper to buy than standard ULP,” he said.


“The State Governments need to act quickly to implement labelling which includes the level of ethanol blended with fuel. The labels should also indicate factors such as reduced fuel economy, the potential for adverse impact of vehicle performance, the potential impact on warranties and the potential impact on engine wear particularly for older vehicles,” Mr. McIntosh said.

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