AAA Welcomes National Roads Strategy Which Should Lead To More Funding


The Australian Automobile Association has welcomed a commitment from Transport Minister John Anderson to work with other levels of government on developing a national strategy for roads.


AAA Executive Director, Lauchlan McIntosh, said motoring organisations had long been committed to a more strategic and integrated long-term approach to road infrastructure planning.


"We note that the Minister has made a commitment to address how the three levels of Government can improve cooperation to more effectively manage and develop roads as a national network. We would be happy to work constructively with the government to achieve that outcome and would urge the Government to make the issue an urgent priority.


"We’re also pleased the Government has confirmed earlier announcements committing funds to the national Roads to Recovery program and other major projects such as the Western Sydney Orbital and Scoreby. We are, however, still concerned that the National Highway funding falls around $200 million per annum short of what is needed to properly maintain and enhance the network. We believe a more strategic approach, as proposed by the Government, will clearly confirm this need.


"AAA also agrees with the Commonwealth’s call on the States to maintain and if possible increase their road funding levels from the proceeds of the GST. Provided State funding does not drop we should finally see a genuine improvement in roads throughout Australia.


"A major disappointment in the Budget has been the Government’s decision to end the Black Spot program contrary to the National Road Safety Strategy. It was a relatively inexpensive program costing around $48 million per year and has contributed to making our roads safer.

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