AAA Welcomes Government’s Black Spot and Infrastructure Package


AAA Executive Director, Mike Harris, has welcomed the Government’s package of road infrastructure initiatives announced today which include immediate funding for a significant number of additional safety improvements under the Black Spot Program, urgent repairs and maintenance on the national AusLink network and upgrades of rail crossings.

Mr. Harris said “the AAA has campaigned for many years to improve and maintain road infrastructure as a most effective measure of improving road safety outcomes and it was very pleasing that the Government had announced further increases in funding to the road network which would undoubtedly benefit Australian motorists and the general community”.

Funding is expected to provide improvements to 350 black spots and 200 rail crossings within the next 18 months across Australia.

The increase in Black Spot funding will bring annual funding for 2008-09 and 2009-10 to at least match what AAA had sought in the 2008 Budget.

“It is clear that the Government is listening to our calls for improvements in road safety, and that continued investment in the road network provides strong ongoing economic benefits to the nation”, said Mr Harris.

This increase in Black Spot funding, coupled with funding a backlog of maintenance projects and boom gates for rail crossing, will undoubtedly improve the safety star rating of Australia’s national road network and provide a boost to employment.

Mr Harris pointed out that AAA star rates the AusLink network under the world leading Australian Road Assessment Program (AusRAP).


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