AAA Welcomes Government Call for Petrol Price Monitoring


The Australian Automobile Association today welcomed moves by the Federal Government to monitor petrol price movements running into and during the Easter Holiday long weekend.

AAA Executive Director, Mike Harris, said the move by Treasurer Peter Costello in directing the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to monitor the oil companies' petrol pricing movements over the holiday period was in the interests of all Australian motorists and their families.

"AAA has been highlighting the discrepancies between the world price for crude oil and Australia's domestic petrol prices for some time now - calling for greater monitoring and reporting of these price movements by the ACCC," Mr Harris said.

"Indeed, AAA has only recently written to the ACCC and the four major oil companies advising of our concerns and putting them on notice about petrol price rises which do not reflect these international prices for crude oil.

"We welcome the Treasurer's call for greater ACCC scrutiny and look forward to a more active involvement of the Commission in overseeing these price movements and advising the community."

The AAA represents Australia's motoring Clubs with a membership of more than 6 million Australian motorists.


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