AAA Welcomes Black Spot Funding Increase


Australia’s peak motoring body – the Australian Automobile Association – today welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement of increased funds to upgrade dangerous Black Spots on Australian roads.

AAA Executive Director, Mike Harris, said the funding would repair dangerous intersections and sections of roads, save lives and reduce the number of road crashes.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport and Regional Services, Mark Vaile, announced an extension of $345 million in funding for the program for a further six years, aiming to repair some 2,300 dangerous black spots.

The Black Spot program, funded through AusLink, was scheduled to finish in 2008, but would now be continued through to 2014 with funding increased from $45 million a year to $60 million – much of the new funding will go towards addressing black spots in regional areas.

“AAA and Australia’s motoring organisations note that the Commonwealth’s announcement is in line with the House of Representatives’ 2004 Report on National Road Safety, which advocated increasing Black Spot funding by 25 per cent,” Mr Harris said.

“But there is still more that can be done,

“AAA, in its pre-Budget submission, called for a $100 million per annum Black Spot program and for AusLink 2 funding to be increased to $25 billion over five years – that figure only represents an outlay of tax revenue of 12cpl out of 38cpl collected by the Commonwealth.”

AAA and the Motoring Clubs represents the interest of more than 6 million members nationally, their families and the motoring public.

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