AAA Welcomes Airport Parking Price Monitoring


The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) has welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement that the ACCC will monitor airport car parking fees.

AAA Executive Director, Mike Harris, said parking fees are just one of many costs that motorists face, and the high cost of parking at airports is a particular concern.

The Federal Government noted parking revenue in 2006/07 ranged from $9.8 million at Adelaide Airport to $69.6 million at Sydney, and that revenue was growing at a greater rate than people were using the terminals – passenger numbers have increased by about 41 per cent since 2002, while parking revenue had grown by 77 per cent.

 “AAA is delighted with this decision to monitor airport parking fees – it is consistent with the position we took more than a year ago in response to a Productivity Commission Inquiry into airport services,” Mr Harris said.

“There is very little opportunity for the travelling public, especially those motorists collecting or dropping off travellers, to access the airport via any means other than parking in the expensive spaces provided at the airports.

 “The ACCC price monitoring will help to create transparency for the public and make airports accountable for their parking fees.

“If prices remain excessive, we believe it would be appropriate for the Government to consider price caps to counter the adverse effects of monopolistic supply of car park spaces at Australia’s price-monitored airports.”


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