AAA urges action on Infrastructure Australia recommendations


The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) welcomes Infrastructure Australia’s Infrastructure Plan and Infrastructure Priority List released today, which outlines a vision for the next 15 years and underscores the urgency of required reform.


The AAA congratulates Infrastructure Australia on both its extensive, evidence-based consultation process which has run over the past 18 months, and the final document released today.


AAA Chief Executive Michael Bradley said: “The AAA is particularly pleased to see the majority of our recommendations have been included in the final report and specifically, the AAA strongly supports the recommendation that Government should integrate existing, fragmented funding pools into a transparent infrastructure fund.


“Australian motorists currently pay close to $28 billion in taxes and charges every year, however the allocation of funding into road, rail, and public transport infrastructure needed across Australia remains ad hoc, unfair, and lacking in transparency.


“The AAA strongly supports Infrastructure Australia’s call for a public inquiry into road funding reform and how we can replace current taxes with a fairer road user pricing mechanism. Led by a body like the Productivity Commission or Infrastructure Australia, such an inquiry is the critical next step in developing a funding model capable of building the transport system Australia needs for the 21st Century.”


The AAA looks forward to continuing to work with the Australian Government as it develops its response in the coming months.

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