AAA Urges Action on Fuel Price Signs


The peak national motorist organisation, the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), is concerned drivers are being misled by fuel price signage displayed at many service stations and is calling for greater price transparency.

"The use of discounted, 'shopper-docket' prices on service station signs is very misleading and needs to be addressed," AAA Executive Director Andrew McKellar said.

"Our concern is that some service station networks are displaying the lowest possible price on their signage when in reality this is not available to all customers," he said.

"To advertise a roadside price that can only be provided after meeting a number of strict conditions amounts to 'bait pricing' and clearer guidelines are required for service station operators so that motorists don't get caught out,"

"The increasing number of passenger vehicles on the road requiring diesel or premium unleaded is yet another reason why an overhaul of fuel price boards is overdue",

"Fuel price boards should simply and clearly display the actual price per litre of each fuel product sold at that service station,"

"If operators don't act responsibly then the ACCC should use its powers to investigate the matter and create clear guidelines to ensure maximum transparency for motorists", Mr McKellar said.


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