AAA Survey - Petrol Prices Up 21.5 CPL


The national average petrol price in January 2006 of 121.9 cpl was 21.5 cpl higher than at the same time last year, according to the latest Australian Automobile Association’s latest national survey of prices in 123 locations. In that period the world price of oil increased by 16.4 cpl.


AAA Executive Director, Lauchlan McIntosh, said the latest national survey showed that regional motorists continue to pay the highest prices – the top 10 prices all coming from regional areas.


The five highest average prices recorded in January 2006 were:

  • Eucla,WA, 136.9 cpl
  • Coober Pedy, SA, 135.7 cpl
  • Tennant Creek,NT, 133.1 cpl
  • Alice Springs,NT, 131.4 cpl
  • Carnarvon,WA, 129.7 cpl


“We were pleased to note that the average margin between the State and Territory capital city and regional prices decreased from 6.7 cpl in October 2005 to 3.7 cpl in January 2006,” Mr McIntosh said.


“After September 2005, motorists in many regional centres copped record prices compared to city prices, so this reduction is a welcome relief for regional motorists.”


“There are a number of factors that affect prices from place to place, including State and Territory subsidies. The Queensland Government provides by far the largest subsidy of 8.4 cpl, so we would expect lower prices inQueensland.


“AAA and its Constituent Clubs will be watching regional prices closely throughout this year, especially when the Federal Government discontinues the Fuel Sales Grant Scheme on 1 July 2006.”


The FSGS - designed to address the disparity between city and regional prices by a 1, 2 or 3 cpl subsidy to regional retailers - is being discontinued because the Government found it difficult to ensure the Scheme’s benefits are actually passed on to consumers.


AAA tracks and publishes average monthly fuel prices at 123 locations around Australiaon its website at The data is supplied by independent fuel monitoring company FUELtrac.


“AAA has also called on the ACCC to play a more active role in publicly monitoring petrol prices, especially in regional areas. We welcome recent comments by the Prime Minister that the ACCC will publish retailer margins to further inform and educate consumers.

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