AAA Supports Life-Saving ESC Technology


Australia’s peak motoring body, the Australian Automobile Association, has welcomed today’s Federal Government announcement it will be moving to have the life-saving vehicle safety feature, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), fitted on all new Australian vehicles.

AAA’s Executive Director, Mike Harris, said the announcement the Government has joined an international push to have ESC fitted as standard on new cars was good news for all motorists and their families.

ESC assists a car’s driving and braking systems to gain control of the car if the vehicle loses traction, with international research showing the technology to be the greatest vehicle safety feature since the seat belt.

Research conducted by Australia’s Monash University Accident Research Centre last year shows ESC greatly reduces single vehicle accidents – a 27% reduction in single car crashes and 68% reduction in single-vehicle 4WD crashes.

Mr Harris said the Government’s announcement it has adopted a Global Technical Regulation on ESC systems – along with other members of the World Forum for Harmonisation of Vehicle Standards – could make vehicles in Australia safer.

“It is now up to the Government to determine if they want to introduce ESC through legislation or allow the Australian automotive industry to bring it in voluntarily,” Mr Harris said.

“Under today’s announcement, the Government will be releasing a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS), which will weigh up the benefits of a mandatory regime for ensuring ESC is fitted to all vehicles.

“AAA has been insisting that ESC is fitted to new cars for many years.  This year, the Australasian New Car Assessment Program, of which the AAA motoring clubs are members, required that new cars have ESC fitted in order to gain a 5-star safety rating.

With some 50 per cent of the Australian new car fleet already being produced with ESC, and forecasts that that figure will be at 80 per cent by 2011, it is apparent that manufacturers are responding to consumer demand for safety.

“The bottom line is that ESC is a safety feature that has proven to reduce crashes and save lives, so the sooner it is standard in all vehicles the better for all motorists and road users.”


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