AAA Supports Fitting of ESC


Australia's peak motoring body – the Australian Automobile Association – has supported international calls for the life-saving vehicle safety technology, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), to be included in all new cars by 2012.

The AAA backed comments by the President of the FIA, Max Mosley, who has called on the European Union to meet its stated goal of fitting ESC on all new cars by 2012.

"Australia should have a similar goal," AAA Executive Director, Mike Harris, said today.

"Almost one third of all single-vehicle crashes that result in a driver being injured can be prevented by fitting ESC.  The results are more impressive with 4WDs – research shows that ESC has the potential to stop two out of every three crashes involving driver injury."

Mr Harris noted a study released by Monash University Accident Research Centre last November, which investigated the real-world performance of ESC in reducing crash risk.  The study clearly demonstrated the need for all new cars and light commercials to be fitted with this life saving technology.

"This study, the first of its kind in Australia, showed that ESC was very effective in reducing the rates of single vehicle crashes by up to 60% – studies conducted in other countries have shown similar results," he said.

"Australian car companies have responded and have been progressively making ESC more widely available on vehicle makes and models.  According to the FCAI, ESC is now fitted to more than one out of every three new passenger cars sold.

"But, unfortunately, some of the volume sellers in Australia do not have ESC as even an option.  This is life-saving technology which should be standard instead of a luxury model option as it is in some cases.

"This effectively prices many customers – particularly families – out of the market for ESC.

"It is up to the new car buyers, especially fleet buyers for government and private fleets, to use their buying power and create a market by specifying ESC as a minimum requirement for their purchases."




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