AAA Backs Government Calls To End "Speed" Advertising


The Australian Automobile Association has welcomed the intervention of the Federal Government today in the debate over speed advertising by motor vehicle manufacturers and distributors.


AAA Executive Director, Lauchlan McIntosh, today supported a call by the Parliamentary Secretary for Transport, Senator Ron Boswell, for motor vehicle distributors to withdraw irresponsible advertising using speed.


Mr. McIntosh said the AAA and motoring clubs also supported the call from Senator Boswell for a specific advertising code for vehicle advertising similar to Britain and New Zealand.


"We join the Government in calling on manufacturers and distributors to immediately withdraw all vehicle advertising featuring speed and aggressive driving pending discussions on a voluntary code in February," Mr. McIntosh said.


"The Christmas holiday period is one of particular danger on our roads. It is the worst time to have advertisements running that conflict with the important road safety message that speed kills.


"We’re pleased that some distributors are taking a responsible approach. Alfa Romeo, for example, has withdrawn a series of "Festival of Speed’ press ads in Victoria after complaints by the RACV. It is a great pity others have not yet followed the lead shown by Alfa Romeo.


"AAA fully support moves by the Government to negotiate a voluntary advertising code of ethics for motor vehicle advertising. We strongly support the adoption of a code similar to the British code, which states –


‘All driving which appears to take place on public roads or in public places must comply fully with both the letter and spirit of the Highway code…. Speed is not an acceptable platform for automotive advertising … Nor may advertising present driving at high speeds as exciting or exhilarating.’


"We urge all manufacturers and distributors to respond quickly and responsibly to this call by the Government for a withdrawal of this form advertising," Mr. McIntosh said.

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