2020 Summit an Opportunity to End National Tragedy


Australia’s peak motoring organisation, the Australian Automobile Association, has called on participants in this weekend’s 2020 Summit to put in place a plan to eradicate preventable road death and injury from Australian roads.

AAA Executive Director, Mike Harris, said that five people are killed and 75 are hospitalised with serious injuries every day as a result of road crashes.

“Apart from the appalling emotional impact that road crashes have on the families and friends of crash victims, road crashes also cost the Australian economy more than $17 billion each year in terms of lost productivity and medical expenses,” Mr Harris said.

“More can be done to make our roads more forgiving, make safer cars accessible to more people and encourage safer driving.

“Australians and Australian governments appear desensitised to the tragic road trauma story and the 2020 Summit is an opportunity to acknowledge this cost to Australian society and do something about it.”

Mr Harris also highlighted the opportunity that the Summit presents for a broader examination of mobility in Australia.

“The 21st century challenge is to harness the enormous benefits of an efficient and affordable passenger and freight transport system, while at the same time making significant reductions in the negative impacts of mobility such as air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and death and injury.

“Climate change presents a significant challenge, and while passenger cars account for 8 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse emissions, motorists can be part of the solution.

“Australia’s motoring clubs are helping to create opportunities for reductions in greenhouse emissions by providing advice to their members on driving efficiently and purchasing green cars, auditing their own carbon footprint and making roadside patrols more environmentally friendly.

“The 2020 Summit is an outstanding opportunity to set a positive agenda for mobility in Australia and in particular for cutting preventable road death and injury.”


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