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Issues for Motorists
Motorists as Consumers

Vehicle Servicing and Repair Costs

The AAA believes consumers should have the right to own and control the use of data relating to the performance, operation and security of their vehicle. There should be strong competition in the motor vehicle repair industry to ensure that motorists have ample choice as to who repairs their vehicle.

Developments in vehicle technology, such as telematics, should not negatively impact on a motoristís choice of repairer, or their ability to manage their personal information and data that is generated by a vehicle.

The AAA is calling for an amendment to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 to ensure that consumers determine who can have access to their vehicle data, not the manufacturers.

Fuel Price Boards

Motorists rely on fuel price boards at retail petrol stations to decide on where and when to fill up their car. But misleading price boards make it more difficult for consumers to make an informed choice about which petrol station is offering the cheapest fuel. Motorists support a nationally consistent approach to fuel price boards.

Fuel price boards should only show the generally available, undiscounted price. If there are any special offers available, they should be clearly advertised. Fuel that is out of stock should not be advertised on the price board.

Competitive Fuel Prices

A key concern for the motoring clubs is the ability of petrol companies to exchange pricing information and make pricing decisions based on their competitorsí data, while consumers are kept in the dark. Smaller independent petrol retailers canít afford to access this data either. Motorists donít have the same level of detailed information about prices that the petrol companies do.

The AAA is calling for tougher action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to increase the effective level of competition in the retail petrol industry and to drive a better deal for motorists.
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