The AAA on-road emission testing pilot

The Volkswagen (VW) Emissions scandal of 2015 demonstrated the weakness in Australia’s emissions regulation system.

It highlighted that:

  • the Australian Government does no Australian-based independent emissions testing to ensure vehicles comply with the Australian Design Rules in relation to noxious emissions
  • it relies on testing conducted in overseas laboratories, sometimes by manufacturers
  • the current system is open to manipulation and as result Australian consumers and the environment are not being properly protected.

In the wake of the VW revelations the AAA decided to invest $500,000 in an 18-month pilot, on-road testing program. The program is measuring the emissions produced by 30 vehicles when driven on Australian roads using Australian fuels and is comparing these with the emissions limits for these vehicles when tested in the laboratories of the US, Europe and Asia.

The AAA released results of the first seventeen vehicles tested in March 2017.

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