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Meet the members of the AAA Board:
Ross Herron, President of the AAA Peter Joyce, Vice President of the AAA Wendy Machin, President, NRMA
Ross Herron
President, AAA
President, RACV
Peter Joyce
Vice President, AAA
President, RACT
Wendy Machin
President, NRMA
Geoff Leddy, President of the RACQ David Cross Sharon Winks
Geoff Leddy
President, RACQ
David Cross
President, RAASA
Sharon Winks
President, AANT
Esme Bowen Tony Stuart Colin Jordan
Esme Bowen
President, RACWA
Tony Stuart
Chief Executive Officer, NRMA
Colin Jordan
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, RACV
Ian Gillespie Terry Agnew Harvey Lennon
Ian Gillespie
Chief Executive Officer, RACQ
Terry Agnew
Managing Director, RACWA
Harvey Lennon
Chief Executive, RACT
Ian Stone Andrew McKellar
Ian Stone
Managing Director, RAASA
Andrew McKellar
Executive Director, AAA

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